3D Modeling Work

Hard Surface Lamp Model

Hard surface model of lamp modeled and rendered entirely within Maya using Arnold and Standard Surface materials.

2023; Autodesk Maya

Digital Twin - Music Studio

Digital Twin of the music studio in the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) building. Made for ARENAXR as part of an ongoing internship/job with the ETC.

2022; Blender, Substance painter

Motion Capture - Chinese Dance

Motion capture models (with geometry) of Classical Chinese dance movements captured by me. Made with motion capture, blender scripting, and processing.

2022; Blender, Python, Processing
Circular Mocap Models Project thumbnail

Volumetric Capture on Moving Hair

Experiment in producing a volumetric capture of hair with homemade rigs and 18 Google Pixel phones (courtesy of CMU's STUDIO for Creative Inquiry) and Agisoft Metashape Pro.

2022; Agisoft Metashape Pro, Premiere Pro

Prosthetic Design - Summer 2022 Internship

Work from ETC internship as an assistant to artist/technologist Anouk Wipprecht in her Tough Art artist residency at The Children's Museum of Pittsburgh.

Developed design of a prosthetic for Viktoria Modesta based on Anouk Wipprecht's previous prosthetic and dress designs; iterated on that design to manufacture set of fake nails.

Showcased at MuseumLab Sept-Dec 2022

2022; Blender
ETC anouk prosthetic projec thumbnail

Flapper Character


2022; Autodesk maya, ZBrush

Clown Model


2022; Autodesk Maya, ZBrush, Blender, Unity, Mixamo