Motion Capture Models of Chinese Dance Moves - 3D (2022)

Models that capture "quiddity" or a non-generic quality of the movement from a series of Chinese Dance movements.

HouYi Shoots the Suns 后羿射日 - Animation (2023)

When the universe was new, there were ten suns who were supposed to take turns illuminating earth. However, the suns were young and wanted to play together. This caused the earth to fall into fiery chaos.

Seeing the destruction, HouYi drew his bow and fired nine arrows at nine suns. Terrified, the tenth sun ran away and hid. The earth was plunged into darkness. Only the shrill cries of the rooster reached the hiding sun. Now, whenever roosters crow, the sun rises.

Bridge of Birds - Game (2023)

An isometric action RPG that retells the classic Chinese fable of "The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl".

Volumetric Capture Experiment - 3D (2022)

An attempt at replicating video photogrammetry using several homemade camera rigs and 18 google pixel phones set to record at 240 fps. Processed through Premiere Pro and Agisoft Metashape Pro.